1000 Oaks – Home to the Barman’s Pitcher

Take a bow, T-Oaks!

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The map of Pune is scattered with tons of restaurants serving every kind of cuisine, you ask for it and you’ll find it in our city. There’s hardly any room for improvement when it comes to our city’s food, yes, I say this with robust pride. And we have all the amazing restaurants to thank for it! Some pretty old, some relatively young, and some, the food pillars of our foundation. 1000 Oaks, take a bow.

1000 Oaks PuneThe name is not new; I mean almost every single Punekar has been there or at least heard of this name. Located on East Street, this posh yet friendly place has been catering to all kinds of Punekars, helping them to create memories while creating memories with them at the same time. Their ambience is rustic and almost resembles an era caught in a polaroid, perfect for some nostalgic drinking sessions with your friends. My favourite thing about 1000 Oaks, apart from the Barman’s Pitcher, is the music. Not too loud, or pushy, it sets the tone perfectly for hmm, let’s say even a date?

1000 Oaks Pune

The food menu is designed especially for the foodies and those who know what their taste buds deserve; the starters are a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The kebabs, tikkas, and platters are tender and spiced perfectly to get your appetite hooked on to this menu, you know for sure that you’d want more.


If you are one of those who directly want to jump to the main course, try out their pastas, the variety of sauces are impressive. If not, then go for any of their Mughal gravy or curry, I had to stop myself from taking another spoonful with the fear of gastric combustion.

1000 Oaks Pune

The drinks part is honestly the most fun part about 1000 Oaks. Whether you’re into the classic ‘peg’ or ‘on the rocks’ kind of person, or you’re a bit more playful and like to experiment, 1000 Oaks will tempt you regardless. Their cocktails mind blowing and the Barman’s Pitcher proves us why. They now even have a Kala Khatta pitcher! A heady concoction of several liqueurs, these powerful and funky pitchers are enough to get you humming or completely sloshed, depending on how much you can resist it. Grab one of these pitchers and take a seat in their indoor seating section if you’re going to watch a game, I promise you that you’ll have a proper blast of a time!

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