10 Things That Will Make Pune More Awesome!

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Pune has been in the limelight for having transformed from a quaint retirement town into a bustling city. And there’s a long way to go. We did a quick reiki of the city and asked Punekars what they felt was missing in the city. Here’s what they thought was needed to take things to the next level…


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We could do with the smell of gooey chocolate brownie and dense chocolate cakes wafting through the windows of this renowned bakery from Mumbai. We see outlets popping up in Mumbai… maybe it’s time for Pune now?


Big Chill Café

The grills in the menu of this Delhi favorite give other restaurants some serious competition. And the Belgian Chocolate Milkshake is absolutely drool-worthy!

Virat Kohli’s Gym- Chisel

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the plan of a 190 Crore deal, especially if it’s got India’s Test Captain involved? Virat Kohli has an intense fitness regime, and we’d love to be a part of the brand that he trains with too!


Kitty Su

This super chic night club has won hearts in Delhi and Mumbai, and it’s high time we Punekars got a taste of the glitz and glam this club promises.

Martins Corner

Old school has never felt any better- dim lights, wooden décor and food so good you’d lick your fingers off; yes, we want a bit of Goa here with us!


Fashionistas in Pune have been waiting for this brand to enter the city. Pssst- we hear H&M is on its way to our town!


We could do with the taste of Kolkata right here in Pune, isn’t it? We hear the kathi rolls are to die for!


This cozy tearoom in Kolkata is famous all over the country for their cakes and sandwiches. We’d love to get a taste of Park Street confectionary sometime soon… (we hope they’re listening!)

Jimmy Choo

We know our trends, we have our bucket lists ready, and we have the money to buy it all!


Oh well, it’ll solve our traffic problems and we wouldn’t have to dread getting out anymore!

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