10 Things That Make Koregaon Park So Awesome!

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Lush green trees, traffic free lanes and quaint cafes scattered around the cosmopolitan locale, make Koregaon Park one of the preferred real estate destinations in Pune. This swanky neighborhood has slowly grown to be a hot favorite of the average millennial, and there is enough reason to justify this. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why renting a house or choosing to settle down in Koregaon Park is a super awesome idea!

Because oh-so green…

The greenery in and around Koregaon Park is quite a point of envy to the rest of the city. The air is fresh, the climate is pleasant and well, it’s a healthy place to choose to live! A bird’s eye view from the plane shows this as a green patch in the city. Pretty, isn’t it?

Because that morning jog…


Imagine waking up to birds chirping at the break of dawn, quiet lanes and clean, fresh air? That’s what you wake up to when you stay in Koregaon Park. Head out for a run in the quiet lanes; the fresh air will leave you with a runners high many would kill for. In fact many of the runners prefer running in this part of town.

Because breakfast… BREAKFAST.

Koregaon Park has a ton of breakfast options – right from Maggi, bun maska and chai and anda bhurji for under 100 bucks to fancy spreads with bacon and eggs, there is a lot to choose from!

Because so secure…

Did you know about the CCTV cameras that were placed on the streets in Koregaon Park? Yes, you are under surveillance 24×7. Plus you also have cops patrolling the streets at regular intervals throughout the night.

Because shopping…

The roads are lined with boutiques that sell some of the latest trends women have been fawning over. Lanes 6 and 7 are famous for some of the best designer boutiques in town!

Because food… FOOD

Whatever be your mood, there is something here for everybody! Be it candlelit dinner dates, family dinners at long tables, fine dining, casual cafes you can sit and work at or  street food stalls, you’ll find everything in this part of town! Shisha, Swig, Malaka Spice, The Asian Box, Darios, The Soul Sante Café, German Bakery, Prem’s, Yogi Tree and Boteco are some of the famous joints in this part of town.

Because alcohol…

Everyone heads to the watering holes in Koregaon Park, and you know it. Happy Hours and all day offers keep the alcohol flowing, and one sees youngsters and oldies alike heading to the bars here for a drink or two (or more) at any given day of the week. Hidden Place, Swig, Jimmy Hu, Effingut Brewerkz, Bar Stock Exchange are some of the famous bars in Koregaon Park.

Because after parties…

So what do you do after you’re done with your drinking plans? You go dancing of course! Take your pick from Mix @36, Oakwood and Euriska and head out for a night of drunken revelry!

Because High Spirits…

This famous pub deserves a special mention as there are people all over the country talking about it. The gigs are one of a kind as The High Spirits Café gives a platform to new and upcoming talent as well as the biggies of the music industry. We’re yet to meet someone who hasn’t been recommended to check out The High Spirits Café while on their visit to Pune yet. And hey, it’s all here in Koregaon Park!

Because super duper cosmopolitan…

One will find a mixed bag of cultures and religions staying in this beautiful part of town. Germans, English, Australians, North Indians, Arabs, South Indians- Koregaon Park is home to everybody.

Bonus: Because it’s in Pune! 

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