7 Types of Punekars During Monsoon

Chaha Havay.


Monsoon means something for every Punekar. The cloudy afternoons, green lanes, the earthy smell, piping hot tea; it’s a heavenly feeling. For some, it means irritation and getting wet constantly, soggy shoes and driving in the rain. For those four months, every Punekar actually is the happiest or the grumpiest in the year.

Pune monsoons bring about certain characteristics in Punekars, and they react to it in their own way. LOLing, happy, or just annoyed, you’ll find everyone reacting to it differently. Here are the seven kind of Punekars and the way they react to monsoon!

Image by Neha Singh
  • The romantic ones – This lot loves everything about the rain. They find beauty in the city and they will often be in their best moods. Often can be found going on long drives with their loved ones or just walking on the streets underneath a shared umbrella.
  • The ones who love outdoor activities – Some people just can’t wait to escape the city. Some active Punekars end up going to Sinhagad or some other trek or hike. They also play sports in the rain, mainly football. Monsoon is their favorite time for nature trails as well!
  • The irritated ones – A lot of working class Punekars despise rain, and rightly so! It’s depressing to drive in the rain on a Monday morning, wet clothes and all, and then work the entire day. Their mood is massively affected by the cloudy weather and they are often irritated or gloomy.
Image by Darena Daniette
  • The lazy ones – I personally feel the laziest during monsoons. I just want to stay indoors, watch a movie, or just take long naps. The most we do is go to a coffee shop or a friend’s place. We practically hibernate.
  • The chaha havay ones – Some Punekars during monsoons literally can’t stop drinking chaha. And the entire monsoon food list which follows chaha. They need an excuse to head out and have tea, or call people over for a cup. For them, monsoon means food and chaha, nothing more, nothing less!
Image by Ruturaj Pawar
  • The indifferent ones – Some Punekars absolutely do not care. Not just about monsoon, but pretty much every season. They have a routine, a schedule, and they follow it without caring about pretty much anything else. To be honest, these Punekars are extremely hardworking and cannot afford to let the monsoon affect their lifestyle.
Image by Sonii Sathe
  • The stereotypical ones – These Punekars have the same plan every monsoon. They go to Khadakwasla or Panshet, Sinhagad, Sarasbaug, Z Bridge, to watch and experience the rain. They eat street food without worrying about anything, they are excited for every single thing about the season. They go on long trips with their friends and are often the most positive people in monsoon.

Feature image by Kaustubh Gaikwad via Instagram