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The Punekar Food Festival Details!

>Apeksha Khanchandani Apeksha Khanchandani
November 13, 2017

Cafe 1730 (Koregaon Park & Kharadi) in association with The Punekar, for the very first time, has organised the mother of ALL food festivals, *drumroll* The Punekar Food Festival!

If you’re an authentic Pune food lover, you’re going to relish this absolutely gastronomic Puneri feast we’ve created! Here’s the menu:

The Punekar Food Festival ends on November 24, so come on people- delicious Puneri treats await! Go enjoy this fiesta, click a bunch of pictures and don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts!

Apeksha Khanchandani
Apeksha Khanchandani
Our lady, the first of her name, our Punekar-in-Chief. Happiest when holed up with a mug of chai, her dog and The Punekar. She's partial to semicolons and silently corrects people's grammar and pronunciations. Immensely mad about Pune, this @misspunekar.


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