7 of Pune's Most Delicious Mastanis - The Punekar

7 of Pune’s Most Delicious Mastanis


Pune’s very own invention, this dessert not only makes us proud Punekars but also drool ourselves to kingdom come. A Mastani is basically a thick shake with a scoop of ice cream drowned in. Listed below are the best places in the city to get this yummy Puneri treat!

go to site Gujar Mastani House – Three Locations

They are one of the oldest in the city (if not the oldest). The staff is friendly and the variety of flavours plentiful. The Bajirao Mastani is the hottest seller here. Grab a few friends and head on over!

http://web-impressions.net/fister/1659 Sujata Mantani House – 24 Locations

Unless you just moved to Pune, chances are you have seen a Suajata Mastani around. Yes, they have 24 locations, over 30 flavours, and have been in business for 50 years! If those numbers aren’t enough for you to try their stuff out, I guess nothing is.

forex dagskurser Cream Corner – Camp

These guys serve an amazing Dry Fruit Mastani. The menu here is extensive and the food is delicious, which is why this place gets busy, especially on the weekends.


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