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Seven Pune Cops Awarded the President’s Police Medal

>Dipika Asnani Dipika Asnani
August 21, 2017

Last week, Pune Police Commissioner, Rashmi Shukla, and Assistant Commissioner Ravindra Kadam felicitated seven officers from the city who were awarded the President’s Police Medal. They were celebrated for their outstanding service by Maharashtra Governor KC Vidyasagar Rao in Mumbai.

Established in 1951, the prestigious medal is awarded for either gallantry or distinguished service. Gallantry is awarded for saving a life, property, preventing a crime or arresting criminals. Distinguished service is awarded to those who have served at least 21 years in police service. It is awarded annually either on Republic Day or Independence Day.

One of the awardees was Balshiram Gaikar, Deputy Commissioner of Pune City, who successfully investigated several cases; six accused people achieved convictions of life imprisonment. He was also credited for solving the double murder of a woman and her lover.

Another Pune awardee, Vivek Muglikar, Senior Police Inspector in Pimpri, successfully exposed the racket of fake degrees. He was also awarded for his alertness while serving in the special branch, where he found and promptly fixed a fault in the vehicle, in which the former president of Mauritius, Aniruddha Jagannath was to travel.

Among the other felicitated officers were Rajkumar Mane (Asst. Police Inspector, RTO), Kailas Mohol (Asst. Police Inspector), Chandrakant Raghatwan (Asst. Police Inpsector, Warje), Suresh Jagtap (Asst. Police Inspector Traffic), and Prakash Langhe (Police Constable, Koregaon Park).

Besides the city police, Prakash Naik of SRPF 1, Sadashiv Shinde of SRPF 2, jail officer Prakash Ukrande of Yerwada open prison, and head constable Ramesh Dhumal of Kolhapur Central Prison were also awarded a police medal.

Hats off to them!

Featured Image by Hindustan Times: Pune Police Commissioner, Rashmi Shukla, felicitating Balshiram Ganpat Gaikar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pune City.

Dipika Asnani
Dipika Asnani
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