Saturday, February 24, 2018

Yes, we’re talking about the #KyunkiDilHaiDesi, Jumboking Vada Pav. For those of you who are still under a rock at this point, Jumboking is a fast food franchise with around 10 outlets in Pune that serves up the staple Puneri Vada Pav with a twist. For all those times you’ve looked at a dissatisfying burger and told yourself to just order a Vada pav next time, we’ve got a solution for you and here it is.

The regular Jumboking is basically a vada pav inside a burger bun with a slice of onion for Rs. 20. Their other renditions include various combinations of cheese, grilled and extra butter. It starts to get interesting at Crispy Veg JK, which is basically everything that goes in your McVeggie but with a Vada Pav instead of a patty!

Beyond this it starts to get just plain weird (at least in this Punekar’s opinion) with Chole JK, Corn Palak JK, Schezwan JK (popular one), and Dal Makhni JK! Like whaa?! They’ve also got some other interesting items like their Jumbosa, Crunchy Veg/Schezwan Wrap, and a few drinks.

Personally, I’ve loved the Jumboking concept as far as far as a grilled Vada Pav goes, bring it on, anything grilled! Maybe even an extra slice of cheese would do. Beyond that gets a little much for me. I’d much rather just eat my regular Vada Pav and Dal Makhni separately, thank you. All in all, makes a great place to order a snack from! What do you guys think?

On an ending note, kudos to these guys though for taking the Vada Pav to the next step, because Vada Pav love all the way! A+ for effort! Now re-read this and take a shot every time it says Vada Pav (sorry it has no synonyms)!

Dipika Asnani
Dipika Asnani
An NRI child hailing from Morocco, Dipika Asnani believes herself to be a true Punekar by now. And, you'd never guess otherwise until you speak to her in Marathi! She's a Social Media Marketer by profession but a writer at heart. Loves cats, fluffly socks, fantasy novels, is slightly obsessed with Harry Potter and will do anything for a little bit more chai.


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