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10 Things I Learnt at the Pune Sunburn Festival

>Protima Tiwary Protima Tiwary
January 05, 2017

India’s biggest EDM festival was held in Pune this year, and while it was a reason for many to rejoice, it also put pressure on some of us to make sure it lived up to its name. Unfortunately it did not, but we did end up learning a lot. Or at least I did.

Putting down a few pointers while I sit to blog about my experience at the fest…

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Sunburn Goa might be a big hit, which explains our high expectations from the fest. Just because it is “Sunburn” does not mean it will be the same as the one on the beach in Goa. We should have gone with a fresh outlook, not expecting much out of it. The pressure of it being “Sunburn” ruined the experience for many since there was a constant comparison with the Goa fest.

We should have gone with a fresh outlook, not expecting much out of it.

First impression is not usually the right impression

It was a rocky start to the festival, but things improved considerably on Day 2 and 3. I am glad we made it back on the other days after the disastrous first day.

No matter how much we evolve, girls will end up wearing high heels to a music festival

Okay, to each his own, but knowing that you have to walk a lot, and on a HILL, why would you wear heels? I don’t feel bad for any of those who were sitting by the side of the road, complaining about the pain in their feet or inability to walk along the hilly road.

Two wheelers are awesome

Especially if they help you navigate through traffic jams that cars clear in three hours, in almost 30 minutes. True story.

Music festivals make for great workouts

After all that walking, running, climbing and jumping, your calf muscles will thank you.

Party wear and festival wear are not the same thing

You’ll be running, jumping, dancing in the middle of sweaty bodies on an open ground. Please dress sensibly.

SQUAT! I got my cheap thrills waiting in line to use the loo when the girls were complaining

Thank the Gods I am fit

Clocked a 3 km walk, a 2 km uphill climb (and run) and a 2 km downhill walk on day 1. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You need strong leg muscles if you want to love a portaloo

SQUAT! I got my cheap thrills waiting in line to use the loo when the girls were complaining about not being able to use the loos easily as they kept falling, and I silently thanked the Gods for making me this obsessive about fitness.

Red bull and vodka is great, but music is better

I’d still prefer no alcohol over whiskey. The music definitely gave you a high.

It’s super easy to make your way to the front of the stage

Do not be intimidated by the crowd. It’s easy to make your way through if you follow the gaps. True story – made it to the front for Afrojack ‘cos HE IS LOVE.

Sunburn 2016 was great, but it could have been so much better. I hope the organisers too have learnt a thing or two this year.

Protima Tiwary
Protima Tiwary
<p>An Army kid in pursuit of culinary nirvana, Protima Tiwary is a social media strategist & content writer by day and Dumbbells and Drama, a food and fitness blogger by night. High on love, life and sugar, she is mildly obsessed about cupcakes, SRK and to-do lists, and loves her long runs like a fat kid loves cake. Her motto? Live life with a little bit of flair and exaggeration :)</p>


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