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Why Chutney Sauce Murabba is Absolute #FoodGoals

>Dipika Asnani Dipika Asnani
December 13, 2016

For all those times my parents have called Continental food “too bland” or asked for some chili sauce, I finally have an answer! True to its name, Chutney Sauce Murabba is an indo-fusion restaurant located in the new-found heart of Pune City – Baner. Quaint little place with simple yet enticing interiors and beyond wonderful hospitality that makes you feel right at home. They serve continental dishes and fast food, like pizzas and sandwiches, marinated with Indian spices that make it perfect for the Indian palate.

We ended up gorging on about seven different dishes:

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Masala Pepsi with jaljeera – This seemed to be a big hit among previous customers, and I can now understand why. But what took the cake for me was the Thandai – thick milk-shake like texture with almonds and a hint of kesar. I took one back home with me despite being full to burst.

Dinesh Maheshwari, owner of the restaurant, tells us that one of his greatest inspirations behind the unique dishes is food at home. He draws inspiration from his mom’s and aunt’s cooking to create these indo-fusion recipes. If you’re looking for something new and unique to try, this is definitely the place for you. The other good news is that they might just start selling their Murabbas separately, which would be just heavenly.

Dipika Asnani
Dipika Asnani
An NRI child hailing from Morocco, Dipika Asnani believes herself to be a true Punekar by now. And, you'd never guess otherwise until you speak to her in Marathi! She's a Social Media Marketer by profession but a writer at heart. Loves cats, fluffly socks, fantasy novels, is slightly obsessed with Harry Potter and will do anything for a little bit more chai.


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