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We Asked Punekars About Their Favorite Mall in the City & This is What They Had to Say

>Protima Tiwary Protima Tiwary
October 13, 2016

The afternoon siesta loving senior crowd has given way to a young, cosmopolitan crowd in Pune. The face of Pune is changing and an emphasis on introducing international standards in the lifestyle of the citizens has taken center stage. Some of the best brands have made their way to malls in Pune. Who would have thought of malls back in 1995? We still remember what a big deal Kakade Mall on MG Road was, but we will leave this reminiscence for another time.

We decided to do a fun research- we asked people about their favorite mall in the city, and Phoenix MarketCity won hands down. What makes it the best mall there is? Here’s what we got:

  1. Brands we only saw in magazines are now right here in our city in Phoenix!
  2. International brands… on a discounted price!
  3. All the deals – there’s something for everyone all throughout the year at Phoenix!
  4. It’s not just a mall, it’s an entire experience.
  5. They have some fun events that everyone likes to participate in!
  6. They also get celebrities to perform and be a part of their store launches (we remember Arjun Rampal for Forever21 and now Radhika Apte for Gap!)
  7. It’s so well connected with its audience- you can’t ignore it!
  8. The food options leave us spoilt for choice!

Do you agree with us? Do you have another reason to add to this list?

Protima Tiwary
Protima Tiwary
<p>An Army kid in pursuit of culinary nirvana, Protima Tiwary is a social media strategist & content writer by day and Dumbbells and Drama, a food and fitness blogger by night. High on love, life and sugar, she is mildly obsessed about cupcakes, SRK and to-do lists, and loves her long runs like a fat kid loves cake. Her motto? Live life with a little bit of flair and exaggeration :)</p>


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