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Pune Has A New Symbol!

>Apeksha Khanchandani Apeksha Khanchandani
June 15, 2016

What is The Punekar?

Over the years, I’ve questioned myself multiple times about what The Punekar exactly is. Is it a magazine, a website, an online media portal, a mere blog amongst a gazillion blogs floating around the World Wide Web today?

Every time someone’s asked me what it is, I’ve always hesitated for a spilt second before responding. And, although my responses have always been one of the aforementioned terms, none of them has ever felt right. Not one of them made me feel like “Yes! That’s what The Punekar is!”

I know the answer. And it’s one that’s been staring me in the face all along.

The Punekar is Pune. And it comprises you and me; our emotions and our voices.

Our Goals

I’ve always aimed to express what makes the city tick; its culture, the lives of its locals, the city’s heritage that we’re so proud of, and our cuisine, which we’re so fond of, amongst so much more.

We discuss achievements and failures, growth and downfall. We share love, hatred, laugher and frustration. And, all of that is not only over the city; it’s more so about its people, us Punekars, you and me.

Pune’s New Symbol

Having settled that, an appropriate visual representation of The Punekar (read Pune) was in order; a new symbol that flawlessly portrays us and the city. What with us continuously evolving and getting younger, cooler, more prosperous, it’s important that our logo successfully conveys what the city stands for.

Working on that symbol has been quite the journey in itself. As a team, we’ve accepted and subsequently discarded many a graphic illustrations. We’ve debated over numerous ideas involving shapes, colours and depictions of our new logo.

“That doesn’t speak ‘Pune’!”

“That’s too complicated!”

“That’s way too simple.”

“That colour looks like poop.”

“That font doesn’t feel right.”

An endless amount of cutting chai was consumed through the process. Hundreds of opinions were yelled out (some even from our chai wala). After all, we’re Punekars, right? We can’t sleep satisfied until we holler out our opinionated hearts.

Needless to say, our graphic designer pulled her hair out a couple of times and I don’t blame her. All of us here have lost a few strands over this. But I can safely say on behalf of everyone involved (including our chai wala and my dog) that it’s been worth it.

So, kind ladies and gentlemen, here’s presenting our new logo. And, when I say “our logo”, I literally mean that it’s a symbol that represents us Punekars and our city. As we’ve determined time and again, Pune is a state of mind, an emotion really. So, feel it, speak it, shout out and be proud of it.

I sure am! We sure are 🙂

Given the diversity of the city and our various states of mind, this logo is a fluid expression of the city. Different colours will be used to express different emotions and to communicate differently.

As always, we look to hear from you and know what you think of the new look. Email us at editor@thepunekar[dot]com.

Apeksha Khanchandani
Apeksha Khanchandani
Our lady, the first of her name, our Punekar-in-Chief. Happiest when holed up with a mug of chai, her dog and The Punekar. She's partial to semicolons and silently corrects people's grammar and pronunciations. Immensely mad about Pune, this @misspunekar.


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