#PunekarJams: Skylight Vision - The Punekar

#PunekarJams: Skylight Vision


Everyone has a favorite band; it’s as simple as that. Even those who swear by EDM, DNB and just about every other genre of music, nod in excitement when they hear about ‘their’ band. We all have that one band that’s “ours”. Why shouldn’t we, our bands have changed our moods and made our days! Isn’t there an unexplainable thrill in watching them perform? Their meticulous skill with their instruments, which they all pull out in astounding harmony, while setting the mood with that delectable groove! You can probably hear a bass line or some drums in your head now as you read this and I don’t blame you!

SkyFeatureHere’s introducing you to one of Pune’s very own band; I’ve been tailing them for quite a while now. They hold extreme potential and are a treat to listen to and watch. So plug in your favorite band’s discography and check out this fun interview with Gaurav Tophakhane from Aristofanea giustificarne calunniasti, http://mysarlogs.com/go34fs/

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