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#PunekarEats: The Best Chocolate Cakes Pune Has To Offer

>Richa Satpute Richa Satpute
May 21, 2016

What is the similarity between a great chocolate cake and the Holy Grail? Both are as elusive as a pack of elves and it takes some doing to find it. And, although there’s never a wrong time to eat chocolate cake, weekend indulgence feels just right. We decided to go on a quest to find you some of the best chocolate cakes in the city and here’s what we came up with! Happy Saturday, Punekars! 

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake at Fat Cat’s Café, Wanowrie

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake is a happy mixture of dark, milk and white chocolate with traditional chocolate ganache for the icing. I dug into my generous slice of The Ultimate Chocolate cake as I listened wide-eyed to Melanie, the baker, who described how she kept tweaking a recipe she found online to make what the cake is today. Moist and dense but not watery, just very chocolatey!

The Chocolate Truffle Cake at Baking News, Karve Road

This quaint little home bakery, situated opposite Kalinga Restaurant, serves the best Chocolate Truffle I’ve ever had in Pune or Mumbai. The cake is soft, rich and not cloyingly sweet, which is what sets it apart. “The secret lies in the rich chocolate cake drenched in coffee syrup, a full cream chocolate ganache and more layers to the cake than anywhere else. Also I don’t use milk chocolate as it tends to make a cake overly sweet”, says Radhika, the baker. She baked her first cake on a lark, which turned out well and she went on to turn it into a full time hobby. Now that Baking News caters to the who’s who of Pune, she is looking for a new hobby! I was tempted to ask this chirpy momprenuer more questions, but my mouth was full.

Belgian Chocolate Cake at Forennte, Koregaon Park

A light chocolate sponge made from scratch with Belgian chocolate ganache, it melts instantly in your mouth. Best had at room temperature or a little cool, their chocolate cakes are set in the fridge as they use pure chocolate melted down to a soft ganache once they come to room temperature. Namrata, the owner, says her personal favorites also include the Gooey Chocolate Cake, a rich chocolate sponge with Belgian chocolate ganache topped with chocolate curls.

CakeAustrian Chocolate Mousse Ring Cake at Indulgence, Koregaon Park

Shaped like a ring with biscuit base and cream mousse middle, this chocolate cake is an Austrian specialty. Mazo, the owner, learnt this recipe among many others, from her husband who is an Austrian Baker. The distinct flavour and taste of this cake are evident in the first bite itself. The soft cream mousse and the biscuit base give it a balanced texture and the soft chocolate cake itself comes topped with chocolate shavings. Head out to Lane No. 6 for this chocolate cake with a difference!

Choco Nut and Choco Walnut Cake at Baker’s Hut, Pradhikaran, Nigdi

This place is hailed as having one of the best bakers of the Pradhikaran region and so we decided to sample a few of their many variants of chocolate cake. Our best discovery was the Choco Nut Cake that comes stuffed with buttercotch and cashews.  The cake itself was light and the addition of nuts offered a good texture. The owner, Kiran, personally experiments with new flavors and approves them before their skilled bakers churn them out on a large scale.

Chocolate Terrine at Flour Works, Kalyani Nagar

So rich and delicious, this piece of chocolate cake is the perfect end to any meal. Layered with the best quality of chocolate, it is not something you can find anywhere else in the city. The recipe of Chocolate Terrine is derived from a savory dish, which is made with pressed meats. Here, you will only find layers of sinful chocolate that melt from the heat the moment they touch your tongue.

Chocolate Ecstasy at Pink Butter (LSD), Ganeshkhind Road

A moist and decadent chocolate cake, LSD/Pink Butter has quickly become a popular joint for youngsters. The reason their Chocolate Ecstasy finds place on our list of the chocolate trail is because the cake itself is magnificent in its damp blackness and the icing on the cake is totally lush. Silky smooth all the way till the end.

Dutch Truffle at Baker’s Basket, Multiple Outlets

This list will be incomplete without mentioning the cakes from Pune’s beloved baker, Baker’s Basket. This joint is forever packed with customers for its affordable and delicious cakes. We think most Punekars are simply used to the way their pastries taste. Our best? Dutch Truffle and Black Forest made with a light sponge and cream layers.

Chocolate Indulgence at XOXO Desserts, Bund Garden

When it comes to fondant cakes, XOXO has made quite a name for itself. But the cakes beneath are also worth mentioning. Their Chocolate Indulgence Cake is not only a delight to look at, but tastes absolutely divine too. Dark chocolate cake made with classical chocolate ganache and frosted with gleaming tempered chocolate. Just drool worthy.

Glutton out, peeps!


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