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7 Things We Couldn't Get Enough of from Euriska's New Menu

>Anish Sohoni Anish Sohoni
April 24, 2015

Greek food is unique and so is Euriska’s take on their menu selections for the Summer, with their cold menu. Chef Arun, we’ve heard, has a habit of having huge tasting menus and this was no different. 35 dishes in all was a daunting task. Don’t worry, we will not be boring you with details of each one of those, but we will mention the highlights of what was good –

I have to start with a kudos to Chef Ajay Thakur, Sandy and Wafa for the hospitality and the careful attention to each and every course they were presenting and talking to us about. The Chef made it a point to go to each person to explain the dishes, the ingredients and answer any questions from the keen eyed food bloggers present.

Here are seven dishes that we loved a bit more than the others:

1. Pressed Tomato Soup – The presentation of this dish was absolutely stunning. Served in a small glass placed on a ring of ice to keep it cold, with a very simple garnish. This is a part of the summer special cold menu. The taste was fantastic with the tomato, basil and smoky flavours coming through. A perfect start to a refreshing meal.
2. Mini Chicken Bastille – The team at Euriska has a way with pastry. It is delicate, flaky, crunchy and not oily at all. The filling ricotta and tomato and basil flavoured ground chicken was wholesome and a perfect combination with the texture of the pastry. I polished off an entire plate and then some by myself. Must Have!
3. Lamb Chops – Tenderly cooked lamb, with a spicy crumb coating were perfect and the best I have experienced till date. Not at all chewy and full of flavour masking any flavour of only the meat itself. They were falling off the bone almost!
4. Tiropita – These cheese stuffed phyllo parcels were delicate and heavenly. Creamy filling, thin and crumbling pastry served with a mint, yogurt dip. Really subtle flavours, ideal for kids as they are not spicy at all. Not to be missed.
5. Lachanikó̱n élasi̱s se fýllo – This veg maincourse was mind blowing. Vegetable filling cooked in tomatoes and herbs, rolled up in divine and flaky pastry. Robust and homely flavours and dish that in not too filling, so ideal for indulgence in desserts after.
6. Roasted Quail – Delightfully soft, roasted and juicy quail, had a nice flavour, the deep fried potato net with that provided a delightful crunch and the bread sauce with croutons was unique.
7. White Choc Brownie – The name says enough, go and try it, don’t leave till you haven’t. Enough said.

Special Mention:

A ‘cold menu’ is definitely unique. Besides the stunning pressed tomato soup, there were 3 other dishes that were served. The Chilled dilled Avgolemono soup, is a yogurt based chilled egg and lemon soup, with a slight dill and mint flavour. Served in a glass bottle with a straw, can be easily mistaken for butter milk. The egg flavour is subtle but can be a deal breaker for people not fans of eggs, over all it is refreshing.

However the problems began with the starter and the cold salad. The flavours of the Iced watermelon and mascarpone mousse were nice and delicate, but the watermelon was stone hard and frozen, so cannot be consumed without a brain freeze. Similarly the frozen cucumber and arugula salad, had a really tasty and unique pepper jam, but the cucmber again had the same problem as the watermelon, so instead of being refreshing it was bran freeze refreshing. The flavour contrast of the cucumber and the pepper jam was interesting to experience.


Also, not to be forgotten – the cocktails. The Pornstar Martini and Jack went crazy are a must have! I am a teetotaler and I am still recommending it, so that says enough.

Food: 8/10 (pastry 12/10)
Ambience: 8/10
Music: 9/10
Hospitality: 11/10

So, whenever you go to Euriska next, make sure you try these dishes. Our experience was very delightful!