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Should You Try Euriska's New Menu?

>Radhika Sharma Radhika Sharma
March 16, 2015


I have always wanted to visit Greece. It’s exceptionally beautiful yes, with the Acropolis, the great islands, its diverse culture, serene calm and of course, tasty food. Euriska, the sun-downer-themed-greek-cuisined restaurant at Koregaon Park, is nothing short of the real deal. The new revamped menu with an innovative executive chef Mr. Ajay Thakur at its helm, has some pretty interesting and delicious gems on a plate. We took a trip down this foodie lane and here’s a lowdown for you guys.

Cocktails: Zorba The Greek, Jack Went Crazy

Euriska cocktailsSure you can always order your trusty Old Monk and coke, but cocktails are where it gets imaginative and experimental. Our first contender – Zorba The Greek, is an eclectic combination of greek Metaxa liqueur with passion fruit, black currents and some cranberry juice. Metaxa is a liqueur-based brandy blended with wine and hint of other spicy flavours, the Zorba was a first-of-its-kind for me and it’s going straight into the favourites list. Tangy, sweet, funky- it’s definitely a keeper. Jack Went Crazy because he mixed Jack Daniels with Blackberry puree! Jokes apart, this unlikely combination actually is a pretty good introduction to non-whiskey drinkers to get them over to the dark side. And the garnish of the sundried tomatoes on top- works like a charm! Cocktails: 4.5/5

Starters: Veg Mezze (Dolmades, Domathokeftedes, Spanokopitas, Queen Olive Puffs) and Non-Veg Mezze (Gavros sto fourno, Greek Bruschetta, Crab and Shrimp Skewers, Mini Chicken Bastille)

Veg MezzeAll starters were served with Hummus, Tzatziki (Yogurt dip) and Melizanosalata (Brinjal Dip)

Veg Mezze: Don’t let the names intimidate you at all! Starting with the Dolamades – grape leaves stuffed with vegetable and rice and generous amounts of herbs and lemon juice were beyond succulent. Traditionally, it’s not served with cheese, but the pungent herbed cheese garnish was just right enough to cut through all the tartness of the grape leaves. The Spanakopitas or spinach and feta cheese wrapped in phyllo parcels is an instant pleaser and melts with every bite (totally in love). The Queen Olive Puffs were just bite sized sweet and salty pearls of deliciousness. Muesli combined with olives, who would have thunk? The Domathokeftedas or flat fried tomato fritters were the least impressive of all. The name is all fancy but the starter is just plain with a hint of chilli, not going in for a second helping.

noN Veg MezzeNon Veg Mezze: The Gavros Sto Fourno or baked anchovies was also a first of me. Having never tasted this fish before, I think my life will be ok without it. The chilli herbed preparation was quite flavorful, but the fish didn’t quite do it for me. And then it changed with the Greek bruschetta! Looks like pizza but tastes like green magic! Perfectly seasoned and bursts of yum! For a seafood lover, the crab and shrimp skewers are a must eat- lightly spiced but still have tons of flavour and are perfectly crunchy outside. As for the final Mini Chicken Bastille, these little parcels pack quite a punch. The chicken was nicely minced and let’s say- she may be small, but she is fierce! Starters: 4/5

Soup and Salad: Kotosoupa Avgolemono, Octopus and Cracknel Salad, Smoked Chicken Salad

soup and starterThis lemony soup of chicken broth, cream and eggs is just absolutely divine. A circled spoonful of rice and chicken stands in the middle- scoop it along with every bite just inhaling the flavour in. And it has precision behind it! This soup cannot be re heated as the eggs will curdle and it’s made to order every single time! It’s rich and puts you at ease. As for the salads, the octopus salad was an eye opener with its balsamic preparation and went immensely well with the parmesan cheese cracker at the bottom. Interestingly, Chef Thakur makes each one of these in under a minute! And finally, the smoked chicken salad was lovely and summery. Rotisserie chicken, sweet lime, tomato lettuce- all perfectly cooked, is a recipe for success! Soup and Salad: 4.5/5

Main Course: Souvlaki and Keftdes

Souvlaki and keftedesThese are basically skewers of marinated and flavoured meats served in a rather rustic fashion on wooden platform like shelves. The Chicken and Garlic Souvlaki was a chilli based flavour and was well done, but nothing unusual. The Lamb Ras –Al- Hannout or Lamb skewer tasted very desi like – you know… a very aang-ko-lage kinda taste. Very hearty. The Snapper Chermoula or fish skewer was one of the best ever eaten. Crunchy and herby on the outside, perfectly cooked on the inside- happiness. And finally my personal favourite, the grilled prawns and mushroom in a honey wine marmalade or as I’d like to call it, smoky and sweet bites of love. A little charred and that was the kicker. That bitter smoky flavour! The paprika mayo behaved liked the perfect side kick to the grilled prawn superhero. Main course: 4/5

Dessert: Baklava, Caramel Tart, White Chocolate Brownie

DessertsOur stomachs were beyond breaking point, but you know – there’s always room for dessert! The traditional Greek Baklava was exceptional! With 20 layers of phyllo pastry and nuts, the ratio was excellent and not overtly sweet. But it was love at first bite with the white chocolate brownie. Heaven on a plate. The butter, the sugar – ooh! DO NOT FORGET TO ORDER THIS. But the downer was the gooey Chocolate tart. Don’t get me wrong; it didn’t taste horrid or anything- it was just regular and average. Sure it was gooey and rich with chocolate, but I wouldn’t necessarily give it a second look. Desserts: 4/5.

After that stomach-breaking-awesome-food-enriching experience, I can only say that Euriska has got it going on. With its unique mouthwatering cuisine and young ambiance, it’s surely going to attract the palates of everyone in Pune. A special thank you to the staff (Jatin Nangia, Mahesh Bisht, Yogesh G) for making us feel comfortable.